1% For The Planet
1% For The Planet

1% For The Planet

We’re proud to partner with ‘1% for the Planet’, who are leading the movement to tackle the environmental issues we all face. By contributing 1% of our annual sales at Haws, we’re helping to support a network of brilliant non-profit organisations, and the incredible work they do every day.

The 1% for the Planet network turns local action into global impact. Like all of us, they understand that the environmental crisis is complex. But they also know that the solution is simple too: action. From planting trees, banning plastic and protecting wildlife, to fighting for climate policy and frontline communities disproportionately impacted by climate change, their vetted non-profit partners are addressing the most pressing issues of our time.

With 1% for the Planet, it’s businesses and individuals taking responsibility for the environment. It's conscious consumers who purchase for the planet. It's donors that make their money matter. It's their approved non-profit organizations going to work. It's a dedicated network collectively taking action. Because when we all decide to do just a little bit more, those small collective actions add up to a world of difference.

To find out more about 1% for the Planet, please click here

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The Warley Fall

The Warley Fall speaks the loudest of all the Haws Watering Cans for being the professional horticulturist’s choice. Boasting all the fine features that make up the ideal gardening sidekick. Equipped with its excellent balance, long reach, and its interchangeable accessories, it makes fighting the day to day watering tasks enjoyable and therapeutic.

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