Tried, tested and trusted
Tried, tested and trusted

Tried, tested and trusted

The Haws Guarantee

At Haws we trust the quality of our products. Our watering cans have been tried and tested since 1886, and are handcrafted using the finest materials and expert British craftsmanship. Truly, they are built for the ages.

That's why we offer our customers peace of mind with a Haws Guarantee of up to 10 years on many products and a lifetime guarantee on the 'HDG Warley Fall'. If your product becomes unusable due to a manufacturing defect* during the period covered by your guarantee, we will either repair it or send you a replacement.

The duration of your Haws Guarantee varies depending on the product you purchase, and will be clearly displayed on the product page. If your product does not come with a guarantee, it can nevertheless be returned within 28 days of purchase, if a manufacturing defect should become apparent.

If you wish to return your product under the terms of our guarantee, please get in touch with us at

*Unfortunately, our guarantee does not apply to items that have been accidentally or wilfully damaged. Although why someone would deliberately damage a beautiful watering can, we don't know!

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The Warley Fall

The Warley Fall speaks the loudest of all the Haws Watering Cans for being the professional horticulturist’s choice. Boasting all the fine features that make up the ideal gardening sidekick. Equipped with its excellent balance, long reach, and its interchangeable accessories, it makes fighting the day to day watering tasks enjoyable and therapeutic.

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