Meet the Fazeley Flow
Meet the Fazeley Flow

Meet the Fazeley Flow

Meet the perfectly small watering can for keeping your indoor jungle flourishing. The Fazeley Flow is the fundamental watering can for all your houseplant needs, it’s small, practical and without doubt an essential styling piece when it comes to objet d’art in the home.

When styling an interior space, whether it’s Biophilic or Boho, Scandi or Industrial, it’s crucial that your chosen accessories provide both function and form, and that is where the Fazeley Flow excels.

With its elegantly curved, non-drip spout, this little watering can provides pinpoint watering; essential when watering potted plants. There’s no better way to brighten up a windowsill than with a beautifully potted plant, but the last thing you need is a drippy watering can that leaves marks behind from drips and spills. This spout is designed to get right down to soil level and prevent any damage to your beloved furniture whilst still providing a consistent, steady flow.

The Cross stay, synonymous with the Haws brand, is just as useful on this indoor watering can as it is with our larger outdoor cans. It gives you a comfortable carrying point when tending to your indoor jungle and provides a nifty handle when trying to fill from the awkward sink in your downstairs loo!

Available in five finishes and two sizes the Fazeley Flow is the perfect addition to any interior space.

Galvanised and Copper Edition

If you’re looking for that urban edge, then the copper edition and galvanized cans will reflect and compliment your design with their raw metal finishes. Pair them with brass door handles or galvanised shelving for a sleek industrial style. Mixing metallics is said to be an interior design no-go, but we love it and rules are meant to be broken, right?

Sage & Green

The sage is such a flexible colour, that it can absolutely work as a neutral. The green and sage colourways work with almost any interior, especially paired with blues and pinks for a wonderfully fresh interior feel. Green has been clinically proven to have healing qualities. (not to mention the benefits having all of those houseplants will have). Pink and green are one of the most popular colour combinations in interior design this year.


Finally, the stunning copper can be paired simply as a stand-alone piece that will set a room alight, if kept polished and shiny. Copper is particularly brilliant for warming the coldness of a north facing room. The pink glow of the copper will reflect any light, bouncing it around the room to evoke a warm, homely feeling. Alternatively, allow your copper to develop its own unique patina and await those glorious mottled tones for an authentic, rustic feel.

In the video series "A morning in the life of..." we explore the diversity of the Fazeley Flow. See how three interior designers style their watering cans in their homes. This three-part series shows both the one and two pint in all its glory in three stunning interior spaces...

However you decide to employ your Fazeley Flow, just remember that each and every can is made by hand, for you, and is designed to be both utilised and revered. Function and form.

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